My aunt is 93, and a very obstinate person. It took me a while for her to except me as her oldest nephew. Her living conditions are horrific. Her studio apartment is filthy and I wonder how long it's been since the last cleaning. She is also hard of hearing. I was thinking her studio apartment needs a complete and thorough cleaning and then a once a month clean up. Someone to wash her clothes and check in on her once a week. I am 71 and live in Winter Haven, FL. and couldn't get down to her on a regular bases. Is this something that can be accomplished?

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Try calling her local office of the Area Agency on Aging and ask for their recommendations.
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Bigdot, the biggest challenge will be if your Aunt would even allow a stranger to come into her home. So many elders will refuse entrance. So check on that first.

Any services such as cleaning, laundry, or checking on your Aunt would be a cost. Again, another challenge if your Aunt would be willing to pay for these services. If yes, then who is her financial Power of Attorney? Any contracts would be best served between the POA and the company.

To be honest, sounds like it is time for your Aunt to be either in Independent Living, where she would have a nice apartment which would have a full size kitchen. The monthly rent would include weekly housekeeping, weekly linen service, and one or all means in the main dining room at the facility. Some have optional personal laundry services. Such IL places run about $5k per month. I don't know if your Aunt can budget that amount.
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I’m sure it can be done. You should look for someone who lives in her area and hire them to clean etc.
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