My brother who stole my mom’s money, took approx. 400k in 2017 - put it in an account supposedly in his name and sent me forms to fill out as beneficiary.

I absolutely refused!

He then hen said he didn’t need my signature. Is that true??

I am now at the bank where my mom, my brother and I were all signatories. I will be getting printouts of the closed account...I hope.

My mom knows nothing. I have already contacted a lawyer.

Thank you for any help!!

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Thank you everyone!!!
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I don't know when you spoke to brother last. but its probably best not to get into too many conversations with him. if he is telling you certain things that you believe are untrue. I would probably just make a note/date and then ask your lawyer for answers. I only say that because (from your previous post) if you let him know you are upset and that you know he took money. and that you have reached out to lawyer. its probably going to make him start preparing on his end. idk people who do this kind of thing (stealing) seem to be sneaky and know how(try) to cover up. that's just my opinion tho. plus when ever I get in a disagreement with my sister, I have to stay calm. cause things can get out of control real quick. theres something called gray rock. and that's how I act.

I know it costs money even for a t/c to lawyer. so if you are calling for advice, make a list prior, stick to questions and end conversation
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Taking money out of her account also means that she faces a gifting tax because legally it is considered a gift although stolen one. He's going to have to hide this from a CPA and the IRS as well.
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No one needs your signature forr beneficary. What your brother did is illegal though. He is hiding money. Mom would never get Medicaid if this was uncovered. Good thing with the lawyer.
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