I'm just now thinking about buying an Alexa after reading one of the questions here on the forum. Love this site as it's been so informative.
I would like to be able to call my husband when I am out of the house to check on him. Is that possible with the Alexa?

Is it hard to set up. I am computer literate but not as good as I used to be.


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You will probably just install the Amazon Alexa app on your phone and call from within the app.

Note that her account can give you permission to "Drop In," which is like a phone call but it automatically connects without requiring her to answer.

If you have been wishing that she could do video calls, consider an Echo Show device for her.

If she likes audio books, see if one of your local libraries offers Hoopla. Or Amazon would be happy to sell you Audible books, which are more fully functional in the device.

Edited to add:
It does need to be set up with an app on a phone or other device. I use an old Kindle for my Mom's accounts, but you can also use your own phone and sign in and out of her account as needed for setup, then leave the app signed into your own account the rest of the time.
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