I am 52 and my dad just died at the age of 91 on February 3rd. I was wondering if I would qualify for Assisted Living housing if I am only 52. I am fairly independent and do not need much care, but I think that Assisted Living would be the best choice.

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You need to wait till your 55. You would not like an AL. Pretty much older residents a lot having Dementia problems. Independent living may be a good start. You have an apartment and can eat in a dining room. There are activities and transportation.
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I'm sorry on the loss of your father.

You say you are "fairly independent". Do you mind if I ask what your incapacity is? Do you need help for ADL's (activities of daily living)?

Assisted living is for folks who need a bit of physical help. You would be paying a huge sum of money if you do not need all the amenities that they offer. You would also be the youngest resident there. I'm afraid you'd be bored stiff.

See if you could try it out for a month to see if you'd like it.

I agree, they say not to change your circumstances or make a move after a loved one passes for 1 year. We tend not think clearly in our grief.

Good luck in your choice.
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mlvogeler1965, my heartfelt sympathy to you and your family.

Regarding Assisted Living, you are too healthy to be in such a facility. Chances are high you would be turned down.

Instead, why not look at Independent Living section of a facility. With IL you can have either an one bedroom or two bedroom apartment, large living room, and full size kitchen. Now, would you be able to budget $5k per month for the rent [price varies depending on where you live]?

The rent usually includes weekly housekeeping and weekly linen service. Some places it includes either 1 meal or 3 meals per day in the main dining room. My Dad's IL apartment was so nice, I wanted to get my mine, too :) But I wasn't quite ready to leave my home, but it was tempting.

Even better option would be the "55 and older retirement community". Try asking if they would allow someone so young to purchase or rent in their community.
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Dear mlvogeler,

I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your father. It is certainly your choice if you think Assisted Living would suit you better. I know there are some communities built for 50 plus and offer many amenities. I know it can be extremely lonely dealing with the grief of a beloved parent. They say its best not to make any major plans for a year or possibly two. But if you feel you need the companionship or more help, it would be worth it to explore all your options. Thinking of you.
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You can go into AL but agree, it can be expensive for someone so young. Maybe consider downsizing first to an apartment with nearby amenities, shopping, restaurants first. Pay rent rather than investing. Maybe visit some AL facilities first, ask if you can participate in some of their activities for a month and see if the population there and activities are right and enjoyable for you.

Many advertise active happy seniors, but the reality day to day is quite different. Some consider activities repetitive, food bland, and that residents keep to themselves or stay in their rooms, or aren’t as mobile or social as we would be lead to believe.

Try before you buy as they say.
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Do you have the funds to pay for AL? That might be the biggest criteria to meet. And think of the long term as well; AL costs could wipe out many peoples' savings in a few years, let alone someone who's only 52.

Is there a specific reason why you want to get into an AL facility now?
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