My parents are in their home but are growing concerned about falling etc. How do we determine what their options are and make the best choice?

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krstwillis, what do your parents want to do? Do they want to sell and move into senior living? Or do they want to remain in their home and bring in caregivers, or have you help them out?

If your parents live in an one level home, that may work out by hiring caregivers to come to help them. It all depends if your parents can budget the cost, plus maintain the house that they are in. Agency caregivers can run up to $30/hour, the Agency is licensed, bonded, insured, and has workman's comp for their caregiver employees.

Or you and your parents can check around for Independent Living which is apartment mode, one or two bedroom apartment, living room, and full size kitchen. My Dad was in such an apartment and he was happy as a clam. It cost him around $5k per month which was cheaper then him having 3 shifts of caregivers at his house. Dad was happy with all the perks the facility had offered, and no more worry about a single family house with a lot of stairs. Then once his memory was fading, he was able to move within the same complex to Assisted Living/Memory Care.

Again, it all depends on what your parents wish to do. Hopefully your Mom and Dad are on the same page. Too many times one spouse wants to stay in the house, and the other spouse wants to start packing for senior living.

For myself, my plans are the same as WindyRidge above, even if my sig other doesn't want to move :P
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IMHO different options for different situations --- health, financial, geographic area. But, I would move quickly if THEY are voicing concerns about safety. And from my experience, you have to promise that once the decision is made, the kids and movers will handle all the tough stuff.
The local library may be able to help you draw up a list of places that fit the criteria you think are important. Maintenance free - may include adult communities, independent living in a continuing care community, or a barrier free condo.
What is important to your folks? Socialization? Being near you and your sibs? How is their health? Wealth? etc
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Smartest way.......One complex.....Independant living condo.....Assisted Living....Skilled nursing facility......Memory care

That’s my plan.
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