My friend is in early 70's but has many issues and really needs to be in a residential facility. She has no family or support system, and is totally overwhelmed with the process of finding something appropriate on her own. Are there trained objective professionals, or services available to help someone like her identify her actual needs, and visit and select an appropriate facility.

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Senior moment! Forgot about this resource.

In our county (San Diego, Cal.) the public library has the Eldercare Directory that covers independent and long term care. Ask for them at the counter.

It covers housing, in-home solutions, Equipment and services, nutrition services, healthcare, mental health services, caregiving information, financial matters, legal matters, transportation services, senior centers and activities and end of life.

I've recommended this booklet to many of my patient's families.
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"A Place for Mom" worked well for us. They will email you information on what level of care and what type of living situation your friend needs. You would need to check out the facilities and pick which one best suits you. tel: (888) 456-2736, website;
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I will private message you.
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