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Yes, all of the agencies I have worked with offer care for both my husband and I when I an discharged from the hospital. I use private pay agencies. And now that my husband's dementia has progressed, his need for cognitive oversight has increased. His long term care insurance covers $225 per day for companion care for him and respite care for me. Whenever I am hospitalized, the agency that supplies the once a week companion supplies a 24 hour paid caregiver and when I am discharged they supply a caregiver that cares for both of us. Since the agency is already approved and providing care for my husband once a week, it is a simple matter of billing the insurance company for the extra days. If you don't have a long term care policy, I believe Medicare will pay for medically necessary skilled nursing and a home health care aide up to 8 hours a day. To get it, you have to be certified before you are discharged from the hospital. The short answer to your questiobn is yes. The long answer is it dedpends upon how you intend to pay for it.
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You should absolutely be able to get some in home care.

Your insurance will likely cover things for in home care after surgery if you need a nurse's care or therapy.

There are also programs available to help with in home care. We have one here called IRIS that is very good. They will help you pay for in home care and you can choose whoever you want as a caregiver (including family). That one is through Medicaid.

Sometimes even contacting someone at your local senior center or church may have ideas for good caregivers if you do not have family and/or friends to help out.
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We need more information to answer your question.
Why couldn't you get home care?
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There may be help from the VA. At his age, he was probably a veteran. Check your state's veterans' affairs office. There is help for both veterans and their spouses, but there are varying requirements. You will need some assistance determining what might be available. You may also have a county agency that addresses elderly needs. You are in California, they probably do have lots of agencies with information. You could also call your congressman's local office, the city health department, etc. I know it is a lot of calling, and sorry for that. But you seem to have computer skills and that should help.
Good luck.
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Contact the California Department of Aging at 1-800-510-2020 and ask for an options counselor to help you learn what's available for yourself and hubby.
You can search their website at

Best wishes to you both.
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More info from your profile:

"I am caring for my husband Andy, who is 92 years old, living at home with alzheimer's / dementia, anxiety, and mobility problems.

I am caring for my husband and have knee problems and oher health issues related to caring for my husband. I will be having surgery in the near future and will need help for myself for a few days in addition to care for my husband"

She is in CA.

I assume you are on Medicare. Do you have any other Advantage or Medigap plans that you pay extra for?

If so, I would call up your insurers and ask this question. If you don't have other coverage, call Medicare to find out.

You may be eligible for some inhome services if you call Social Services for your county (Dept of Health online).

If they don't cover the help you need, you will need to pay out of pocket. Contact or local in-home care agencies. It will take time to find the right person for the right days and needs.
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