I was told it should have been used to spend down. But I can't get a good answer. My Mom was beaten and almost killed in Madill, Ok. in Brookside manner. They broke 2 ribs fractured 4 and collapsed her lung. After an APS worker and a brother we haven't seen in 40 years put her on seroquel against my POA. This last 2 weeks I had to move her to a 3rd facility because I was awoken in the middle of the night with the nursing home saying if I wanted to see my mom that I should come in. They said my brother had put her on hospice!!!! I have guardianship. I suction blood from her lungs for 72 straight hours, and she had been withheld of water and food, the doctor said he had no idea how long but she almost died again. I have been trying to just keep her alive for 2 years. Getting help from the state or getting lawyers seems to be a hard thing to do because in 2 years, I have probably talked to over a hundred. There is a lawsuit where she was beaten in Madill. I don't give a *(^*^% about money. I need to know how to save my Mom!!!!

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Katrina, please consider Hospice - no one of us lives for ever - death is inevitable, but extending someone's suffering? Why?
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