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What are our options if family can no longer pay for a nursing home?


My Mom has been in current nursing home for a year. We finally applied for Medicaid and it was approved. After the year was up, we had to reapply. It turned out that I let her account get a little over the required maximum, so they now are asking for bank statement for the previous 2 years, wanting all records for deposits, purchased, etc., etc. I don't have all those records and it would take forever to get all the statements, copies of deposit slips, receipts for all purchases made for those years. I don't understand why they are requesting records for years that she was already approved. I don't have the funds to private pay the nursing home. What option is left. No there are no other assets. I think I heard someone say that if you can't pay for the nursing home, that the state has to put the patient in a home wherever they chose. I don't want this, but no one else in the family is able to care for her. We live in TX.

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She was allowed to keep a balance under $2K in her account and of course the $60 that she can keep after paying the rest of her pension and SS to the nursing home.
I guess somehow it got away from me and she ended up having over $2K in her
checking account. I am sooooo upset and I don't see why they now want me to go back to 2014 when she was approved for this last year.
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How did the bank balance exceed $2,000 after Medicaid was approved? All of her income except the personal allowance goes to NH, right? So was this just for a short while between receipt of the income and payment to NH?

I agree with JoAnn -- start with the Medicaid caseworker assigned to your Mom.
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How did she get over the 2K. Medicaid should have her SS and any pension. Then she gets $35 a month for personal needs. Did the $35 take her over. That does count against the 2k. Not sure why you need deposit stubs when deposits show on the statements. The bank should be able to help with statements and deposit slips. Call the Medicaid caseworker and explain the situation. Sometimes it's a form letter sent and they have no idea what is going on.
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The issue is that she was approved for Medicaid a year ago and now that I had to reapply, it turns out one month was over the $2K limit, after that the Nursing Home Financial Mgr. suggested that I private pay for month of September and make sure her account is under $2K after that, then resubmit the application. I resumbitted it. At first they asked for the previous 2 months bank statements.

A couple of weeks or so later I get a letter saying they want ALL the bank statement from 2014-2016, any and all receipts for transactions over $200, etc., etc., etc.
This will take forever to get and a whole LOT of paperwork and I will have a very hard time finding all the receipts for expenses over $200. During that time we were told we could spend down her money, which we did, by fixing things around the house, etc.

If they approved her the year before after I submitted all the info they requested at that time, why are they asking me to go back 2-3 years??? I thought that was all
handled and behind me. This is so infuriating. My mother is 90 years old at this point and what wasn't spent on her home or other things, was paid to the nursing homes and caretakers!

I told Nursing Home Financial Mgr. that we have no money to continue to pay for her privately. What will they do with her? We can't bring her home.
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Caregiver; YOU are not obligated to pay for the NH.

Contact the SW at the NH and ask for guidance. Going forward, you need to make sure that mom's assets/income stream NEVER goes over the Medicaid requirements. You can use her funds to visit an Eldercare attorney to get this sorted out.

Good luck!
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