My name is ION and I am 67 years old.

My father (97) has a whole life ins. policy started many years ago with JACKSON NATIONAL LIFE INS. CO. I have a Power of Attorney to handle all matters pending my father due to the fact that he has an severe form of Dementia / Alzheimer's. My father lived with me until about 2 months ago when he was accepted in a nursing home. However his condition became unstable and was taken (about 3 days ago) for a better monitoring into Summerlin Hospital where he is in the present.

I had requested several times JACKSON NATIONAL LIFE Ins. to mail me a copy of my father's policy--since I don't have one, and they refused to do it.

Do they have the legal right to prevent me from having a copy of the policy, since I am my father's only son?!

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Call the insurance company again and ask them what you need to be able to get a copy. That your Dad is now incompetent and your POA is in effect. They may need what is called a Medallion. The bank can issue one. If they say no, tell them its for Medicaid purposes and you need to prove if there is cash value.
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It depends on how the policy is set up. They could be denying you for privacy concerns and/or if you're not a beneficiary on the policy.
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You shoul take your personal info off here.

This is a caregiver forum, not professionals giving legal advice.

You put yourself ar risk having that info online.
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