What sort of respite care are you seeking? Are you talking about hiring caregivers to come in on a regular basis, are you talking about placing your parents in a facility temporarily so you can get away somewhere or are you talking about hospice respite, if your parents are on hospice? It will depend on what sort of respite you're talking about.
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If you are asking for respite so you can have a break from caregiving, I think you call a local nursing home and ask them if they do this and then set it up. I know some near me do this.
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You hire someone to come in a few hours. Or a few days a week for a few hours.
That helps just having a break for a little while helps.
If you are talking more long term there are facilities that will take your parents for a week or longer. Many facilities will do this because they hope that you will consider permanent placement at some point.
If either of your parents are on Hospice (might want to get them both evaluated) Medicare (and Medicaid) will cover Respite for Hospice patients. Other insurance may also cover Respite for Hospice as well.
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Hospice offers respite care.

Do not feel guilty if it gets to a point of permanently placing them in a facility.

We sometimes feel that it is our responsibility but we cannot do it all and care for ourselves too.
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