Mom cannot be left along for days at a time. I work full time and would like to be able to take a short vacation away from home. Was thinking of having her aide visit on and off or stay over, both of which I had done during some emergency surgery. But I was wondering are there short term facilities for this? I know there is senior daycare.

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You could contact an in-home agency (we use Visiting Angels) and if they have the staffing they can probably provide the care you need. You should start a month before your need the actual care. They will need to do an interview prior so they can see for themselves what your mom's "normal" looks like and you should take the possible caregivers for a "test drive" by having them come in to help before you leave so your mom can adjust and you can be satisfied with the person they send. I hope you can get the break you need!
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Until this covid19 is over you will not be able to place her anywhere.

AL facilities typically do respite care, duration of minimum stay is dependent on each facility. You can start calling around and find out who offers this service and create a list of places you can go tour when they are open for business again.

You can also have 24 hour aid in your home, especially if you have someone that you are already using.
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