Ive bought my Mum
An armchair exercise bike which she can use for her arms and legs.
A stress ball (not sure who will use that most - her or me) so she can exercise her fingers.
My daughter has bought her a cushion muffler - hmm have I said something rude here I wonder - it is a cushion that you can put your hands inside to keeps warm
We have bought the usual toiletries and lotions and creams for her arms and legs
A lovely fleecy blanket with feet so her feet can stay warm - her extremities get so cold these days even though she doesn't notice it

Still looking for ideas for people who keep asking me what does she want come on all ideas welcome. I have to say it makes me smile that so many want to buy her presents yet none come and visit

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The best thing I bought my mom (who has dementia and is in a NH) is a warm picture blanket. It was about $30 from Walmart online and the order was shipped quickly, just a few days before Christmas. You just upload the pictures you want and choose the blanket style, color, fabric and message. I am not technologically inclined and found it so easy to do. I put 9 pictures of her with all family members. I couldn't believe how nice it came out and has held up through lots of washings this past year. She loves looking at it and it orients her to her room. It also becomes a source of comfort for her when she is feeling down or agitated. Thanks for all your great gift ideas too!
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I give Mum a body and foot massage every single day so not an option for a gift I am afraid. We use a foot spa for her and she adores it.(I don't know who this 'we' I keep blethering on about is I mean 'I' not 'we'!)

So options for gifts that won't just be stowed away and not used and are actually useful

Those foot stretcher elastic bands things are great for rehab stacey
Thermal bed socks - with grips on the feet so if she does get out of bed she won't slip
Slippers - we seem to go through them very quickly as I won't keep them if they start to smell even after a wash - I only ever buy washable slippers these days - ain't incontinence great? NOT
Taking Mum to see the lights used to be a big fave of hers but the local council has put a stop to that Bah Humbug.
Ive recorded carol services from last year so she can listen to them whenever she wants
A CD with some really lovely Christmassy songs from days gone by that I have burned
Im planning to make some Christmas decs with Mum so I will make some bakable dough for that and once they are baked we will hang them up. I usually glue and glitter them for effect so plastic and vacuum cleaner at the ready for the mess it will make. Don't forget to make the holes before you bake them - forget and they will just break
Oh I have bought more decoupage stuff for her as she loves that. We will be making a snowman for my Grandson (how you may ask when we don't get snow?) I have one huge flower arranging ball and one not so big I wire up cotton balls - oooh not sure what you call cotton wool but I think cotton balls is right - and then Mum pushes them into the flower ball until it is totally cover we use a remnant of cloth for his scarf, two very small pompoms for his coat buttons (and I mean VERY small) I have found a party hat in the shape of a bowler that is a little big but it will be OK and I think I will just glue some felt on for his eyes. its nothing much but she likes doing it and H will appreciate it. Its as much a pre christmas gift for Mum as a gift for H
I have also bought a very large clock so she can read the time more easily (Now digital as she can't see the hands very easily any more)
A large cuddly toy - don't ask me why but she sleeps much better with one than without one and hers needs washing so I have to buy a second so she will let me take the first one away to wash and they seem to take forever to flaming dry

Things I didn't buy!
Licorice - don't ask because the answer is messy and not from the mouthend!
Sweets - she eats too many already
Handkerchiefs - I find them everywhere and anywhere and despite me telling her she doesn't understand that they are not substitute for toilet tissue
Clothes - like others we have drawers full of the unworn already
A vibrating plate - she wanted one but although they can improve circulation for some for others they can be really dangerous
A jigsaw puzzle - I am still finding pieces from the last one which she lobbed across the room in temper
And finally god knows what meds she was on yesterday but she wants a hula hoop. now I am sorry but the whole notion of my mum using a hula hoop at 93 when she isn't stable on her feet to begin with just had me in hysterics. Hello 911 yes could you send an ambulance please ...erm how did she fall? erm she was hula hooping ....Oh yes sure ....of course I want to have that conversation with the emergency services
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We've given up on exchanging presents - what we could use just isn't available (such as body parts that aren't close to obsolescence). What I probably will do is just take Dad out for a drive to look at the decorations. We always used to do that as a family and it brings back fond memories, which on the other hand could be sad. So I'm not really sure.

We've past the point that we need anything materialistic.

I'm anxious to see what others post; maybe I can think of a better way to spend Christmas.

We will probably be getting together with family, and that's worth more than presents.
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A gift certificate for 1-800-GOT-JUNK.
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The best thing to give your elderly relative is your service. By that I mean they need their trash taken out, frig cleaned out, windows washed, etc. The LAST thing they need is one more trinket to dust.
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What a great topic! Mom is in Assisted Living with latter-stage dementia. She doesn't need anything more to clutter up her room. She prefers the clothing she has been wearing for years, as they are familiar and comfortable to her. She is even past the stage of enjoying old pictures because she doesn't remember the times and it upsets her. Looking forward to hearing suggestions for everyone!
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I visit my husband in a dementia care facility every day. I take little gifts but nothing seems to really matter. Lately I try to go see him after all my business and chores are done so I am calm. Then I can give the gift of time to really listen without being rushed or thinking about what else I should be doing. That is what he most enjoys and It is really good for both of us! Every human seems to respond to quality time. So just sit back, relax, ask questions or give prompts and enjoy listening to whatever the other person says. In this busy world it is the greatest gift.
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When my Mom was alive we would get her things like warm socks, scarf for when we took her out, sweaters, fleece blanket, gloves, hat, pictures, a book about France (where she was from), cookies, small picture album with pictures of family, a small Christmas tree, hankies, purse size packages of kleenex, chocolates (she had an unending sweet tooth), new hair brush, emery boards, her favorite perfumed dusting powder, a small stuffed animal, nail polish (I did her nails once a week), hand cream, body lotions, nice soaps, picture puzzles that we would do with her. I would get smaller puzzles so we could do them in one sitting. If they like cards, dominoes or checkers then those are nice gifts also.

Mostly I think they like to have your company more than anything else. When my Mom no longer knew who I was I would just sit and hold her hand and talk about memories of my childhood.

If you have an IPod you can load it with holiday music or music your loved one will recognize.

Hope this helps.
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Maybe a bird feeder outside a window and lots of feed. Meet the squirrels enjoy it too as they are very entertaining. Maybe a sachet for closet or drawer. My mom needs a new brush
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i took my aunt a very realistic cat..not one of those breathing ones you see often. this cat is life size and uses a battery which causes it to purr, open its eyes, close his eyes, lick its'paw, roll over on its back and get up again. It doesn't do these all ar once, It will sit quiety..then open and shut his eyes, then meow, the wash his paw, etc. The staff loves it and took it around to show others. It is often mistaken for a real cat. My aunt loves it. marymember
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