My husband, Richard's initial diagnosis was Primary Progressive Aphasia. He has mild-moderate dementia. Humor helps us through much. Incontinence now part of situation. Moans and groans a lot. Him not me, heehee

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Welcome to the forum.

Caregiving is isolating and does cause loneliness, especially during COVID.

Please stay safe. It isn’t worth socializing to avoid being lonely.

Stay in touch with others online. I see from your profile that you are Catholic. We are a Catholic family as well. I watch the Mass on television or online.

Best wishes to you and your family.
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From what I read in your profile, both you and your husband are still very active outdoors, in your church and with your friends. Why then are you still feeling isolated? It sounds like you're doing a lot more than most people here. Or are these things you used to do before Covid, and your husbands decline? If that's the case, then I would recommend picking those things that you enjoy back up, as getting out and about, and amongst people we love and care about is so very important, even with Covid going on.
And I'm glad to read that you still have humor in your lives, as that will certainly come in handy when times get tough. As far as your frustration is concerned, and since I'm not sure where exactly it's coming from, I can only say to make sure you're taking care of yourself, by making time for yourself(away from hubby if necessary)and doing little things that you enjoy. Also it's always good to educate yourself on what exactly your husbands issues are, so you will be better equipped to deal with whatever lies ahead. You can like others have suggested too, "Google" local support groups in your area. They can be a lifesaver for sure, as they were for me during my caregiving journey. I wish you the best.
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Try looking for support groups that meet virtually. The live interaction might lessen the feelings of isolation.
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Hi, Lynn47. This forum is a good place and there's no judgments here. Everyone knows how it is to be a caregiver and this is a great group to vent to and get advice from. Welcome.
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Hi Lynn - so sorry for your situation. I am bumping up your post so others can see and reply.

I am glad you found this forum. Please stay around and read and comment. You will find us a wonderful supportive group.
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