My mom got a UTI about 6 weeks ago and it seems to have brought on a severe depression. I have not known her to be depressed prior.

Thanks for your answers Isthisrealyreal and JoAnn29. I appreciate you replying.

It seems that UTIs can bring on depression-like symptoms in the elderly and definitely cause confusion and anxiety, according to her new home health care nurse. That is apparently very common in the elderly. The elderly person themselves usually can't see that because the infection doesn't often manifest with a lot of pain. It seems it's more the mental suffering how it manifests in the elderly.
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Also, cranberry pills help to keep UTIs away.
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I would speak to her doctor. Sometimes it takes more than 1 round of antibiotics to clear up infections. I would also recommend a good probiotic as antibiotics kill everything , leaving behind a bacterial wasteland and our systems really need good pre and probiotics to function properly.

I hope you find something that helps her.
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