My father is in a seniors home. The isolation has been extremely stressful for him. He is demanding to go home and has tried many plans to leave. He becomes enraged and abusive during his many daily phone calls to us. We acknowledge his concerns, explain why he is there, and try to change the subject. He does not stop. He is 88 with many health problems. He is on mild medication for anxiety. What can we do to help him?

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To answer your question, absolutely yes.
You don't say how long he's been there. My mom reacted the same way... but after about a month the anger dissolved into sadness and relief to talk with us. His doctor could increase his anxiety meds for a time and ideally someone on the staff should help him with the adjustment by asking him to help with tasks, stay busy, and help take his mind off his situation. only the best facilities actually do this though. It is the staffs responsibility to ease your dads transition. keep them to their task! With no outside visits allowed, the natural checks and balances that keep these facilities on their toes is nonexistent. Visit him if possible (we have window visits here) and talk to him/video chat as much as possible, when you can allow yourself.
with good vibes for you and your dad~
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Call the head nurse at the home and ask about increasing his medication or trying a different medication for his anxiety. Yes, dementia can results in moments of total clarity interrupted by a cloud of confusion. Ask if they can set up a video chat with him and family, that may help a little bit.
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