Especially in a dementia patient who had decades-long severe anxiety, OCD, depression that wasn't adequately treated? For example, if a parent was OCD about the home before dementia hit, could dementia amplify those tendencies? Can't help but wonder if caregivers being in the house is disturbing since this parent got anxious (pre-dementia) whenever someone outside the family (e.g., a house guest) went to the kitchen to help him/herself. Wondering if anyone else seen this sort of thing as well?

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I have noticed that ALL pre existing behaviors get dramatically worse with dementia. Everything is amplified, especially OCD anxiety and depression issues. My mother with moderate dementia was always mentally ill with those issues which she refused to address or have treated in her younger years. Nowadays, her behavior is absolutely unbearable to the point where I feel like I need anti depressants myself just to continue carrying on phone conversations with her. Fuggedabout in person visits......they are dreadful.

So yes, I think if it bugged your mother to have houseguests with THE NERVE to help themselves to something from her kitchen pre dementia, then she'd positively flip her lid to have it happen now. I could just hear my mother carrying on about such a thing herself. For hours on end.
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