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I would think not. Is this your husband? Was he getting violent and a threat to staff and residents? If so, I can see them removing him for a psychic eval to get him medicated correctly but I would think they need to call you and tell you what they are doing. Maybe even get permission.
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sister46 May 2020
Yes, it's my husband. (Yes, my situation goes on and on and on.........). He acted threatening three weeks ago to staff and residents, but didn't really do anything. He's not a big guy to be feared at this point, plus he's become very frail. They transported him to a hospital and he was evaluated and sent back to memory facility. (And by the way, I have uncovered some untruths. One is that I was told the sheriff was there that day he acted out. I've contacted sheriff's office for records. There are none. They assure me they weren't there that day and have never heard of him). I have his records from that hospital visit, i.e., he was docile, compliant, cooperative, conversant, pleasant, didn't act out at hospital. When asked why he was aggressive at facility, he said, "I was just playing". (The fact is......he didn't remember any of it). Four times hospital record said, "Patient's behavior at ALF was all secondary to his dementia". "Patient's behavior sounds consistent with his dementia". His meds were changed and they seem to be working. Nevertheless, I was told to move him to another facility, which I did. Patient portal didn't let me in for days. I complained but was given no reason. Last night I tried again to get into portal and it said he was Baker Acted two days before he was moved to new facility. Yet I cannot find true evidence he was Baker Acted. Portal says, "Baker Act Order attached". It won't open. I was never advised of any of this, yet 11 days have gone by.

I'm to my wit's end AGAIN. I don't give these people a hard time. I don't interfere. I'm quiet. I don't want to do anything to make them dislike me and take it out on my husband.

What I would like is 24 hours of stability in my life that I could count on with no problems. Just 24 hours of no problems! I'm his POA and Health Surrogate and wife of 52 years. I feel like I should have been advised. And I don't see the need to Baker Act somebody already in a facility if you're not sending them to a psyche unit to live.

I just don't get it.
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