I think my brothers are trying to get POA over my grandad. What do I do?


They are making out as though he can't be in the house alone. He fell about 3 weeks ago we were not informed until we had made the journey to visit him, we were then informed that 1 of my brothers was there the day he fell, he put him back in his chair and then left him for 4 days with no food or water until my other brother arrived. When I arrived at the house last Thursday my grandad's eyes were glazed over and he couldn't move, when we moved him it was obvious he to been able to go to the toilet or eat anything for 4 days. The decision was made then for him to go to rehab care. The nurses at the rehab home advised me that when he came to the home he arrived very neglected.
I live approx 3 hours drive from my grandad so getting there every day with work commitments is not easy. My 2 brothers have been at grandad's home now since Good Friday. Grandad s still in the home getting better. I feel the brothers are trying to stop grandad moving back home by planting problems, saying the bath is leaking but when I checked there was nothing wrong with the bath wallpaper had been pulled off the wall and water poured on it.
The fridge needs replacing but when I cleaned it from top to bottom it wAs fine. Grandad needs care workers coming in 3 times a day but he is fine in his mind to stay in his home, I feel like I am being pushed out so the 2 brothers take everything for themselves once grandad is no longer with us.

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Someone needs to have POA over your grandfather.
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Paulavic71, I know you don't want to read this but I agree with your brothers, your grandfather probably needs another layer of care that only skilled professionals would be able to do on a 24 hour schedule, which means his best bet would be to move to a continuing care facility.

You mentioned you rather have your grandfather living at home.... could he afford to pay Caregivers to work 168 hours per week? Even if paying minimum wage or thereabouts, it could run around $2,000 a week, thus over $100,000 per year.

Plus is your grandfather able to afford to keep living in his home? Could he afford to pay the Caregivers plus all the cost involved with owning a home, such as real estate property taxes, homeowner's insurance, repairs such as the plumbing?
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