He's had 2 surgeries and is in a nursing home while leg heals. He keeps forgetting his leg was broken and he can't get up. We have hired sitters to make sure he stays in bed in nursing home. We recently applied for Medicaid and they said that money spent on sitters might be a problem. Also,one of the sitters that get paid is a sister. He will get up if nobody is with him. We must do this if he is to ever heal. He is also HIV positive. Any feedback is appreciated.

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Since he is a fall risk, maybe the doctor could prescribe a bolster. There are many types and sizes. It may help keep his leg on top of the bed and slow his efforts to step out of bed. The bolster can be attached to the bed using Velcro or some other fastener to keep it in place. Many come with fasteners. The doctor has to be able to justify it so he can write a prescription and bill insurance.
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Dear Lainie,

First, thank you for caring for your brother, physically & mentally.

Check with your state on their Personal Care Assistance Medicaid
Waiver Program, e.g. in Conneticut:

Gladimhere's advice to contact an elder law is well heeded to help with many aspects of your brother's care. Lawyers can be expensive but a good one (NELA) will save you more than you pay.

Best of thoughts to you
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Anybody that has been paid to sit with him needs to either work for an agency of have a care agreement in place. Does he have POA's etc done? Is he competent enough to take care of it? Any money paid out, even if for care, will be considered a gift unless it is backed up with a care agreement. How long has this been going on? See an elder law attorney to prepare the agreements. Does he have the cognition to understand an agreement?
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