I’m confused. Within the last 3 months, I’ve been having excellent results with my mom's bowel movements : They come out effortless hot dogs of approx 3-6 inches and even a long 12 inch coil last time . Is it possible for stool to be soft in the rectum, yet the stool in the sigmoid and transverse colon be hard and bottlenecking somewhere ? Also, why does my mom sometimes have 2 or 3 bowel moments every day for 3 days and then it stops for 3 days where there is nothing. Then I begin to worry and I begin to debate if I should bump up the magnesium or HydroC products I’ve been using and wait a 4th day or use a suppository for fear of the stool building up in the rectum and drying out and getting too wide to pass.
Why does this 3 day pattern occur?
Also, is it possible for the ascending color, transverse and sigmoid, rectum, have stool moving thru which is firm or soft or hard and with areas of the colon that have no stool? Or is stool always moving thru and tightly packed following each other like continuously stuffing a long sausages. Or is there empty spaces without stool in the colon ?

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I see no problem with this. She is going. Maybe she has clean out days. I would not give her anything extra. Your body starts to depend on laxatives.

Next time she sees her doctor run it by him. The "blockage" may be the bladder sitting on the colon. This happens. If she feels there is still something there, as she pushes, have her push in the space between the vagina and rectum. Where they cut when u have a baby. Episiotomy?

I found with coffee it made Moms worse. Harder to clean up.
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My mom never had hard, difficult to pass bowel movements, nevertheless she often went more than a week without going, and then only when I went nuclear. I too wondered if there was something blocking things, but I think it was just a motility problem caused by damage to that part of the brain. All the fuss and worry and suppositories and enemas and bowel programs that caused us both so much grief while I cared for her at home were dropped once she entered the NH - although they gave her lactulose when she didn't go and a probiotic when she had diarrhea they pretty much left things to nature for the most part, and it wasn't anything to do with her bowels that got her in the end.
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truthbetold Feb 2020
hmm what does going nuclear mean? Didn’t she experience anxiety being full of feces and having to wait until 25 ft of intestines have been filled to capacity in order for stool to finally enter the rectum to pass? Didn’t it become hard by then?
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Make sure she is getting plenty of water, coffee, phssilim seed
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