My MiL has Parkinson’s and constipation is a common ailment. She takes senokot daily and Miralax occasionally along with prune juice or prunes. Sometimes a fleets enema or suppository. Doctor recommended staying away from the latter but she insists it requires that sometimes to get relief. She takes all these things which finally-and sometimes unexpectedly- explode like Mt Vesuvius and she can hardly make it to the bathroom in time. Seems like it’s one extreme or the other, when you just want a good middle ground. A friend of mine who’s into all-natural remedies gave me a recipe for a colon-cleansing tea, including a bunch of products unfamiliar to me, like baobab powder, trifolla extract, slippery elm bark. Has anyone used these products with success? I haven’t ordered them yet. My natural friend also poo poos (pun intended!) Miralax as being really bad for you, not getting to the crux of the problem, but that’s what all the doctors recommend. Talk about being between a rock and a hard place!

(MiL is 94- body systems just aren’t working like they used to)

If you search "constipation" on the site you will find as many recommendations as there are caregivers, this is a popular question. Parkinson's is all about slow transit colon, we found a daily dose of Miralax (or generic equivalent) was helpful and the doctor said it was OK to use long term.
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I get it from a certain medication. Coconut is a natural laxative. You only need a tablespoon a day. Try some macaroon cookies and only 1 a day should do it. Not from the grocery store unless they have a bakery. It may be trial and error to find a brand. I see you are from NC. When I was visiting in that area, I found some from the bakery at Harris Teeter.
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Hi MaryBee. I can relate. My Mom is finally regular. She has very limited mobility which wasn’t making things any better. She also does not like to drink much fluid. Our routine now is a stool softener in AM, cream of wheat cereal every morning. Fruits during the day. Lots of watermelon. Two stool softeners at night. Very regular now. I hope this helps. Good luck.
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Thanks again for practical suggestions.
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Add 1 TBSP of organic psyllium husk to a drink daily. Lots of fiber.

On an empty stomach, hot water with lemon added (google for amount).

There are pre-made teas, called things like "smooth move".

Drink plenty of water. Increase activity.
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