Just general question my MIL who has had a stroke about 5 years ago has become very greedy when it comes to food her appetite is huge..She will want to eat anything the kids are eating no consideration when it comes to eating food that I have bought especially for work lunches. I always thought that as you become elderly your appetite decreases?

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shakingdustoff & Wally003 thank you both for your response. My mil is a frail old lady so she's not gaining weight even though she eats well. I guess me & the kids just get frustrated as she will touch any food that's lying on the counter almost like a little kid wants to taste everything even though she knows its not for her
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my MIL who lives in an apartment and has an in-home aid that comes several times a week; and has had 1 major stroke and then later a couple more minor strokes.

my husband travels long distance every 3 months to see her. he always reports back to me saying how she eats way too much. super BIG breakfast. BIG lunch. but I guess no dinner. (she goes to bed very early)

my husband always comments she eats way too much and is overweight. which isn't too good for her since she cant walk very well.(not sure if uses walker or just a cane.)

she is extremely stubborn tho, so you CANT really tell her what to do. she is about 80 years old.
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