Sorry, but her broken brain has broken me.

I'm tired of the looks she gives me and her responses to me when I tell her she just ate.

I'm tired of falling down when I'm trying to help her.

I'm tired of feeling guilty for disrupting my daughter's life.

I'm just tired of EVERY. D*MN.THING.!

“We agree that it is past the time for her to go into a home.”

Who agrees, Lost? Who’s “we”? Has your husband finally come around and started listening to you?

I hope you come back back on Monday and tell us you’ve found a place for her to go.
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Lostinthemix Jul 28, 2018
Yes, the husband is listening, but his response to me was that he thought it was all "worked out" with our daughter providing the care but she is getting burnt out as well. He and his siblings need to recognize that this is not working out, but I will be to blame again. He NEEDS to meet with an elder law attorney and discuss this whole situation and his siblings need to except the FACT that the money from the sale of her house and property is FOR HER CARE, so I'm sure it won't be Monday. And I have been telling him all of this for months , which is why our daughter is doing the caregiving now.
I understand needing to vent to me it's like taking a breath. To have a place to vent is great, for me others might perceive me as a whinner. Well hang in there I say, but I'm trying to hang in there with my mom. We talk all day but end of the day she says we have not talked all day.
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Tried to look back on ur original posts but they are mixed in with things u have responded to.

Is this ur MIL? If she is falling regularly, tome for a NH. Your husband needs to realize this will only make u worse, ur daughter is first priority.
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Lostinthemix Jul 27, 2018
Joann, it's me that is falling. My legs just seem to lock up and I know that my blood pressure DROPS when I stand. I think I have an anxiety issue as well, go figure.

We agree that it is past the time for her to go into a home.
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