I can no longer care for my relative and I need to find a place for him. He has extensive medical issues.

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Missvic, your relative is very young, only 53. Is he cognitively able to make rational decisions in his best interests? Is he willing to go into a facility (if he qualifies)? Do you have his medical/financial PoA? More information will help this community to provide the best suggestions for you.
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We need more info to properly advise. Is he nursing home medically needy? His Dr would need to determine that. If so, you can look to place him in a NH. Start by visiting facilities in the area and fill out applications. Of course, relative needs to be agreeable to all of this unless you have guardianship. Then comes the issue of money. Nursing homes are very expensive, usually around 10-13K per month. If relative cannot afford this he needs to apply for assistance (LTC Medicaid). To qualify he'll need to meet eligibility requirements. Do you have POA? If you don't your role is going to be more limited as far as his finances and applying for Medicaid/paying the facilities. You're going to need him to be able to do some things on his own as far as paying bills/applying for Medicaid. But the first thing is he needs to be amenable to going into a NH and is declared medically in need of one. If he isn't, an option would be to contact a state social worker and get them involved. Try to tell us more about the situation, what kind of medical issues and your relative's state of mind.
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You need a doctor's order. This isn't a situation you can just make that decision. Start shopping for the facility he needs. Assisted living? Memory care? Nursing home? Care home? Doctor will determine what is appropriate.
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