I need legal help in this matter,my Son said I have dementia but I don't think so ,I am aware of the things I do and say,I need no one to help me in any way,I can do math,read,understand,walk,drive a car if I had one,can bath,do all nessissary things in life without assistance is this dementia?I don't think so,so please give me some legal support if yo can. Thank you Ray Stankiewicz

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Bronco, I'm confused. Your profile states that you care for your father in assisted living, with Alzheimer's or dementia.

Are you, as the son, now wanting to change the DPOA you executed for YOUR own son?

Or is it actually your father who wants to change the DPOA he executed to name you?
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I'll tell you THIS much. You must be very conscious of the impression you make on others. Unfortunately, I could see people judging your competency by your conduct...not just being unaware of things, but by being angry and resistant to what others think is logical.

FreqFlyer has the right answer for you. Call the attorney who drew up the POA and ask him to draw up another telling him ONLY that your son's conduct of late has called his decision-making to come into question.

I'll also point out that you say you're in a dementia rehab. There is no such thing. You must be in rehab for a physical reason...strength building, broken bone, hip replacement, etc. more info would help us get a handle on your level of understanding, frankly.

Please understand that changing your POA is the nuclear option. Obviously, at an earlier point in your life, you trusted your son implicitly to make decisions for you when you were no longer able to make them for yourself. Be aware of the FACT that you won't always like the decisions he makes. That's one of the main points of a POA.

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Are you in a rehab facility right now?

Why does your son say you have dementia? Have you seen a Dr.?

Just because your son has POA doesn't give him the authority to place you in a facility against your will. That's not what POA is about.

We're not lawyers. If you feel you need legal advice contact an elder law attorney in your area. Someone who can get on the internet, find this site, register to become a member and post a question isn't someone I would think would have dementia. Hang in there, Ray. You'll get lots of responses to your question.
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Would it be possible to call the Attorney who drew up your current Power of Attorney and tell him/her that you want to change your Power of Attorney? If yes, then ask him/her what steps you need to take to make that change.

I never heard of a rehab center for dementia. Are you in rehab for something else?
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