Aspiration Pneumonia & not waking up. Anyone else go through this?


So yesterday my dad was unconscious when the aides did their morning rounds at the NH and now he is on 100% oxygen. I went to see him and they were trying to wake him up but he just would open his eyes and close them. I leaned over him and said "Dad.. I LOVE YOU" and he opened his eyes and he said 'I love you' and closed them again! He hasn't opened his eyes since, even when they were putting the IV in.

Anyway... he's 92 with frontotemporal dementia (about 10 years now). We had to put him on pureed food last week. I guess he aspirated and now this. They have him on IV for hydration and they are giving him antibiotics. Not sure how they can give him his meds... I'll have to ask today.

I'm just thinking that this is probably the beginning of the end... Even he if recovers, what will be next? It will just keep on happening. But my question is... why is he not waking up? Is he just sleeping? I hate to see him this way. I don't want him to suffer anymore. Anyone else go through this with their loved one? Thank you for listening...



Thanks for the replies.   He did wake up.  They said he was in a deep sleep from the pneumonia.   We had a family meeting yesterday and we are putting my dad on comfort care or hospice.  Looks like this journey will be over soon.  This is happening so fast now...   This is horrible.  I just want him to not suffer.  Ugh.
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Yes!  We went to wake my mom up one morning and she would not wake up.  She was dead weight.  She would open her eyes for a second the back to sleep she went.  Called 911 and they diagnosed her with Aspiration Pneumonia.  We had no idea she had it.  No other symptoms that we could see.  She was hospitalized for a week. We have no idea why she wouldn't wake up, and I don't remember asking about that.  She's no where near the end of her journey it's just something that happened.  Her food or drink went down into her lungs and became infected.  we had to puree and thicken her food for quite a while and now we have to be sure she doesn't drink anything while eating.   We also have to watch for coughing while she's eating.  This can cause food to go down into her lungs.  It's a never ending battle, that's for sure.  I'm sorry you are going through this.  It's so sad to see our parents go through this.
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Hi, Linda. I can offer no advice, just commiseration. Nothing about this whole journey is easy. You think is it or is t it and no one can answer your questions. The last time invisited my mom three of us couldn’t wake her up. She was gone the next week.

im sending you many hugs.
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I haven't been through this yet with my mom but I can understand why you feel this may be the beginning of the end, I know that I am constantly evaluating every setback for end signs. The staff at the nursing home have been through this countless times before, is there a trusted RN who can sit with you and offer some guidance? I know you've already started an IV and antibiotics, but was there any discussion before that about not starting treatment?
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