How do I just find out if he had one?

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Glassdoll, I'm sorry to learn of your grandfather's passing.   And now you're faced with managing his estate, such as it might be.   Remember that you'll be facing some challenges and emotional roller coasters, so take time out for yourself.

First, does he even have an estate to probate?  I.e., does he have any assets?   Stocks, bank accounts, property, or anything else?  Does he own the house in which he was living?  If he doesn't have assets, there's nothing to probate.

While you're going through his belongings, I would also ask relatives if they have any information on whether or not he created end of life documents.
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Well no one here would know and if you were taking care of him, did you ever look through his belongings for one? If he had one and it hasn’t been probated then nothing is going to be on file with the court. It’s not like there’s a registry of wills. You need to look through his home, ask other relatives and if he had an attorney you could ask them but they may not tell you anything.
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Your profile says:

"I have been helping take care of my grandpa for years been living with him all my life i dont know if he has a will cause he passed away on the 12 of feb 2021..."

Laws differ from state to state. You are in CA but is that where your grandpa was living? If he did have a will and named an executor of his will and the executor is aware of your grandpa's death and knows what to do at this point, then I think it will take a little time if this person works through probate, but my understanding is that the will doesn't always go through probate. If the will is executed properly and in a timely manner, you will be notified if you are inherit anything (I think it comes by certified mail).

If your grandpa didn't have a will...I'm not sure but others on this forum will.

Read through this page on the CA courts website for an answer:

I'm sorry for your loss.
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