Mother (72) is in End Stage Pulmonary Fibrosis. She can't do much due to disease. So she's scared to get out thinking her oxygen machine will go out so she stays on couch & dwells on her dying. She cries all day & is so depressed. Don't know what to do.

Thank you for all y'alls kind words & advice.
I've tried to talk her into taking some sort of medication for anxiety but she said absolutely not on any medcation for it. And she does have a portable oxygen machine so she can get out of house but she's always petrified the battery will run out so really only time she'll use & get out is for doc appointment's.
I'm going next week for a visit & she's finally agreed to let us interview caregivers from agencies for home care so she's givin in little by little.
Hopefully she'll let the care coordinator let her get some sort of therapy for her anxiety
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My MIL had the same dreadful disease and, at the end, was mostly confined to her lift chair. A trip to the bathroom wore her out.

She did have a battery operated concentrator for going out which also had an car adapter for charging the battery. Even when we were gone for hours to the doctor, the battery always lasted.

When we went to the pulmonologist, we turned off her machine and plugged the canula into his concentrator. Good thing since it took forever for him to get into the exam room!!
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Is Mom on Hospice? If not, you may want to consider it. She will be kept comfortable. Hospice does have counselors.

If she was a church goer, ask if there are "visitors" that can give her communion. They also visit. Also, request her minister to visit.

Its not fair to Mom that she is having this anxiety. It is not helping her problem.
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yes mum might need an anti-anxiety medication but she needs more than anything some peace of mind. Find a minister or church person who can pray with her & give mum comfort & assurance of a God who loves her. I have practiced this for years in my job as an RN.
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Is it possible to get a oxygen concentrator that she can take to get out of the house? Being sick just stinks, being homebound makes it stink worse.

I can't imagine being at the end of your life at 72, she must be very sad that it is over so soon.

Hospice has counseling available to patients and families to help them get through this difficult time. Continue the social worker that helps her and get it scheduled, they also offer clergy that can be a help to prepare for passing.

I hope she finds a way to get some enjoyment in her last days.
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Isthisrealyreal Jun 8, 2019
Contact the social worker, not continue. Spell check, sheesh!
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Hi Momchi. Is your Mom on any anti depressants or anti anxiety meds? Maybe that would help. Sorry she is so sad.
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