My mom was in rehab because she was weak; they were trying get her stronger but she didn’t listen and got up to soon -alone- and broke her hip.
Medicare won’t pay for therapy (working on changing plans)
til then....
Does anyone know if there is anything I can do to help her not settle in to non-movement so to speak, and help her get her mobility back? She needs rehab, badly. But until that happens if it does...
What do I do ...
I’m so close to just breaking apart, sorry for dramatics.. ahh.. I’ll shut up and thank you so much for help

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I hope these links will help in the meantime:
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The Physical Therapists currently working with the patient should be contacted. Attend a therapy session and be part of the discharge planning for exercises. You will be given print outs of what to do at home. You will know what is best then for this particular patients as that varies highly at discharge. Wishing you luck.
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I'm going to post here what you have in your profile because I think it's relevant to any advice given to you:

"When my dad found out he was terminally ill I moved back home in 2016...After losing my dad 2 years ago, he was 81, I am now the full time and sole care giver for my mom, who is declining(she is 83).

At the moment she is in the hospital, she had surgery because while at skilled nursing for her strength she got out of bed without help despite promises not to and fell, breaking her hip. I have severe trauma related mental illnesses and am on disability for this... my mom is sometimes abusive, not like she used to be...but I love her with all my heart and I’m terrified of what is to come..."

At 83, and having gotten out of bed when instructed not to... has your mom ever been medically diagnosed with dementia or short-term memory problems? It's important to establish this because if she IS having cognitive issues, your expectations for her rehab may need to be adjusted. If she currently doesn't seem to be too interested in PT or rehab, again, you won't be able to do much about this except gently incentivizing and encouraging her. She may not be wanting to move because she is in pain. Is she getting good pain management?

If you wish to be her caregiver, how will you support yourself financially? Are you your mom's durable PoA so that you can legally act in her best interests well into her future? People on this forum will be concerned for your own future, not just your mom's. Let us know a little more info if possible, thanks.
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