I am 74 years old and broke my femur and had surgery. How much mobility can I expect to get back with physical therapy?

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My mother had a hip and both knees replacement surgeries in her late 60s. She was in excellent health and attended water walking exercise classes 3 times a week before the surgery. She was able to obtain good mobility within 3 months of the last surgery and full normal mobility in about 12 months.; however, her rehab process was much quicker than "most" others with joint replacements according to the rehab techs because she didn't spend any of her time in rehab building muscle or endurance. Mom did ALL the rehab home exercises faithfully.
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It depends on your overall health, how you do in therapy, your motivation and commitment, any other health conditions....it's not something that can be answered specifically by anyone here b/c we're all different, and we're not doctors and haven't seen the x-ray or surgical report.

But , FWIW, my father fractured one femur at age 94 and the other at age 95. He went through surgery, rehab, home care rehab, and eventually walked w/o his walker. But he had tremendous determination - it was a challenge for him.
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Do the physical therapy. Then you will find out.
Motivation can make all the difference, so do not give up now.
You do not need an excuse not to do everything possible to heal that femur, and once the inflammation dissipates, you will feel so much better.

Also, I agree with FF, ask your doctor. Then, try hard anyway, no matter what. Do not give up.
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Mena, that is a question best answered by your surgeon. There are a lot of variables, so it would be difficult for someone to answer here.
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