My mother in-law has a very badly broken ankle. She has been extremely inactive for the past 6+ years and now has very little upper body strength. She has a walking frame but is very unstable when using it, we are afraid of another fall. We plan on getting her a wheelchair but she really needs around the clock care until she can get around on her own. I'm wondering if there are short term rehab facilties that would help with this situation? She can't walk with the walker more then 4 feet without having to sit down and rest. She is diabetic, over weight and very out of shape from being sedentary.

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You don't mention where your MIL lives nor do you mention financial situation but here are some general observations. Typically, rehab is offered after a hospitalization and medicare pays the cost for the initial period if the person was hospitalized for at least 3 days.
From what you describe, I think most doctors would prescribe physical therapy, but your MIL would have to get there (not sure if medicare would pay for them to come to her home - again no hospitalization)
Many assisted living facilities do take 'respite care' --- private pay. And the PT may or may not meet her needs. Have you spoken with the doctor about the best course of action?
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