I'm living with and caring for my 94 yr old mom, she's in good health but she keeps asking me the same questions over & over and gets mad if I go out at night, stays awake until I get home & calls me all the time when I'm out. She also wants to go with me whenever I mention I want to travel. Sometimes I feel like I'm going crazy. I lose my temper at her sometime too but she handles it well. I need a support group. I have a brother & SIL that she can stay with if I go away but she doesn't want to go there. Please help.

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Also, is a good resource & lists by state.
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Michigan Support Groups

Churches, long term care and day care facilities

Family caregiver alliance
Area Agency on Aging

Alzheimer's Association

And you have found virtual support here.
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Call 211
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Please check everywhere you can. Call your MD office. Call any senior centers in your area. I found out there are excellent ones in Palm Springs at a Senior center. Call all the churches. Call Social Workers. Check everywhere you can conceivably think of for support.
As to "she doesn't want to go there". Life doesn't always render a choice in some matters. Sometimes you must do what YOU need to do. Not what she "wants". Unfortunately, the end of life isn't about it all being our own choice. Sometimes we have to do what works for the caregiver. While occ. our elders ACT like a two year old, they are NOT two years old, and even for two year olds, giving them whatever they want because they want it doesn't work and isn't good for them.
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I would contact your local hospital. They usually have many support groups that one can choose from. I attend two support groups at times - one for diabetics Nd one for chronic kidney disease. As my brother progresses I plan to pick up one for Parkinson’s.
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Katsmihur Aug 2019
I went to local hospital websites and found two (one is disbanding). I attended a caregiver SG with 10 caregivers. Very, very helpful!
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