Dad died a year ago. Mom is getting forgetful and my sister is "helping" her with everything. When I try to help she gets resentful and wants to keep mom away from me. I am worried about this. I feel guilty that I would be thinking about the money and am tempted not to do anything but at the same time I know how mom and dad meant for things to be.

My mom had me helping her with cleaning and on the fridge i found papers that included CD paperwork. The CDs were my moms with my sister listed as the 2nd and myself and my brother were not listed.

Are these still "pay of death" to all three of us or has my sister gotten them changed to pay to her only. Can her and mom be on the CD but it still be pay on death to all 3?

Like I said I feel guilty even thinking about these things but my sister may be taking advantage of me and my brother not wanting to appear greedy.
Hopefully mom will live another 20 years and spend every nickel.
We are in Missouri.

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I'm on the other side of the river in IL. We had kinda of a similar situation... except it concerned a car. My husband's sister had their mom co sign on her car. Both sister and mom's name were on the title as co-owners of the car, both equally responsible for the loan.

When mom passed away, there was approximately $5,000 equity in the car. The remaining balance was paid off due to mom's death. Sister walks away with a $16,000 car she only had to pay $5,000 for. You would think since mom was 50% owner, her 1/2 would have had to been divided.....but state law dictates that it doesn't, regardless of the will. That's what we were told by 2 different lawyers and a judge. It is not right, but that's the way it is. I'd imagine your situation with the CD's probably won't be any different.
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Hi Caroline,

If your mom and dad have a will stipulating the division of assets you should be fine. If the CD matures and your sister is still living with your mom that might be a problem.

I know what you are going thru. I have a gold-digging stepmother and she is trying her best to keep my sister and I away from my Dad. It is unfortunate, but when it comes to money people can become pretty nasty.
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