My dad has lived with my sister for 5 yrs now. He has alzheimers, had stroke in nov 2009. he is getting home care and is bed ridden now. My mother has had her own place for 10 yrs now. they were never legally seperated. my mother continues to argue with all our family members. its gets worse and worse everyday now. I have 7 siblings. we have been taking care of my dad. my mother can not take care of my dad herself as she has diabetes and bad neuropathy. she has walker and does not have strength to lift my dad. Can my mother legally move my father from his home to either her home or a nursing home without our consent?

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I don't think that your mom can legally move your father to her home because she can't even take care of herself unless she agrees to get a home attendant, but you have all the legal right to decide over her. if she talk to a social worker and she try to put him inside a nursing home they can't just put him in a nursing home - they have to contact you because legally you are her/his son/daughter. talk to a professional caseworker/doctorr at the hospital where he receives medical attention. also contact the aging department where do you lives. good luck
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