I just started. Wondering if has experience/success with it.

Just my own experience, but I have taken it for about 2 years now, in conjunction with a nutritional/nutrient approach to depression prescribed by a medical doctor. I feel like it does sort of brighten me up a bit. I am continuing to take it as I feel it does help.

Good luck to you, whatever you decide!
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I worked at a major supplement store while in college. So, you understand SAM E is a naturally occurring substance in the body, but you are taking a synthetic form. In the US, unlike most modernized countries, does not regulate the vitamin and supplement industry, therefore, a lot of claims are made which just are not true and they are full of fillers so its the placebo effect. Did you also know that in most countries excluding Canada, which regulate supplements have banned it from OTC sales and a prescription is required. No, I have never seen it work. You should see a doctor.
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I read years ago that Sam-e has more of a tendency to react with medications than other supplements, especially with anti-depressants. I always tell my PCP if I’m taking anything OTC and if I don’t, she asks. Be careful!
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I am wary of supplimentals with no literature to back it up. I suggest that you find the active ingredient then go to the website to see what has been published on it. If your depression is not too bad then try it, but how do you measure if it is working if you are not working with a doctor?

I do see the it can cause liver disease, so you should be monitored by a doctor. You don't want to face a liver transplant on top of things
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NewandTrying Nov 18, 2018
MACinCT, where did you get the information about liver disease? (I've read that SAMe is used to *treat* liver disease.)
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