What can I do? My father has power of attorney. The girl is in her 50s and she has him fooled completely!!!

I blame myself. I felt sorry for her. Up until 2 yrs ago, I was the one that took my Mamma to doctors. Then I had to have foot surgery & non weight-bearing. So I promoted this girl as help in my absence. Started catching her in lies, then Mamma told me of things that she caught her doing (going through her jewelry). But she has my father fooled. Why is it always after the fact, that you have people come to you and tell you horrible things about someone that you thought you could trust ???

So now, my Mamma is in nursing home, and this girl is still employed with my father. He is capable of doing everything for himself, yet he pays her $500.00 per week for working a few hours, three times per week, sweeping floor, etc . She is constantly causing trouble. She knows that I do not trust her. She has turned my father against me.

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Your profile says your mom is in a nursing home. I’m glad she is cared for. Your dad has chosen to keep her as his caregiver. That is his choice. I don’t know what you can do about it. Have you caught her doing something? How is she causing trouble? Can you explain?
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I am so sorry you are in such distress by your father’s actions. I’m not sure why you are so upset. Your mom with dementia is getting professional help. Your dad has a housekeeper. You can now be a visiting daughter to each without being expected to do the “heavy lifting” so to speak.
I get it that you are upset with your cousin but not sure exactly why. If she has worked for your dad for two years it seems to have worked out to some degree. Has she taken your place as daughter? Is she doing things that are disrespectful to you?
What do your brothers think about the situation?
Have you considered therapy? It might help you to come to terms with the choices your dad has made.
I’m sorry I’m not more helpful.
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