My mother is in a SNF for rehab after a fall. She is about to run out of her 100 days of coverage under Medicare. I have the dilemma of either taking her home during this nightmare emergency with the Coronavirus. Unsure if I could manage her care or leaving her in the facility and having to go to private pay and then hoping they do not get the virus spread in the facility. Thoughts on taking her out or leaving her in place until this virus goes away? Also does anyone have knowledge that Medicare may extend coverage since this is a national emergency and we are suppose to protect the vulnerable and the elderly? They are making waivers and extending benefits for unemployment, Snap, etc. Just wondering if her coverage may be extended. No clear answer from 1 800 number on Medicare or the nursing home. Thanks in advance for your responses

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We have relatives in this position. Medicare will no longer pay for their stay as they are not progressing with treatment. They cannot be discharged safely back home. They are in the rehab center on private pay while a safe discharge placement is found for them- at $400 a day.
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I doubt your mother would be 'safer' in a SNF than she would be at home. If you cannot care for her at home, then that's a horse of another color and she needs to stay in long term care for THAT reason. SNFs are being hit harder with the virus than individual homes, that's for sure, as community environments tend to enable the spread of a disease much quicker and more easily than in an isolated, at home environment. You can private pay to extend her stay where she's at, and then apply for Medicaid once her money runs out, providing the facility takes Medicaid.

I seriously doubt Medicare will be extending rehab doesn't really make sense for them to do that. Getting rehab after a fall has nothing to do with this virus, so if your mother has regained her strength after 100 days, then she's ready to be released based on that math.

Wishing you the best of luck moving forward!
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Shane1124 Apr 2020
Good answer. Not likely CMS will extend a rehab stay if it’s not medically warranted due to something not related to Covid 19. Hospital beds are a priority now. Keeping people not acute in rehab prevents a hospitalized person from being transferred to acute rehab so the hospital can free up a much needed bed.
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