My dad had a motorcyle accident and a stroke. We don't know which caused which. He had a will made out 2 years ago and appointed his friend of 35 years POA, which I had no problem with until now. The POA is not involving us (my sister and I) with detail. We can't even get an answer to who approved my dad for zoloft. I refuse to talk directly to the POA on the phone or in person anymore. I will only correspond by text or email. He sends us vague messages and when we ask him for detail, he doesn't respond. My dad is in FL. I'm in Chicago. I have gone out there 3 times since my dad's accident and ended up spending my last trip getting paperwork that the POA could have gotten. I feel that he took on the responsibility but is now having my sister and I do all the work.

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I can appreciate not willing to do phone communications because you have no record of what is said. One way to get reasonable communication is to send an email immediately after the call that says 'I think we agreed blah blah blah. Please let me know ASAP if this is not what you think is agreed'. That gives you the verbal ease plus the written confirmation.
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I do have a HIPPA filed with his primary care doctor, but his primary care doctor doesn't see him in the nursing home. I also have a HIPPA with plan B insurance carrier. I wonder if they would accept that at the nursing home. I'm going to try. I fly out to Florida 1/5. I've been texting the POA the same question almost every week. "Have you asked them to do another brain scan and have you talked to the doctors about when he will be able to travel here to Chicago?" We want to put him in a nursing home here so that he will have a revolving door of family visiting him. I finally got an answer today. His POA contacted a nursing home here in chicago and is working on the paper work to go through. I was the only one to be able to convince my dad to come here. Can the POA sell his house without my dads permission? My dad can only answer yes or no questions. Wish me luck.
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If your dad's friend has medical power of attorney, he might be able to prevent the doctor from giving a medication or treatment but he'd never be in charge of prescribing one.

Do you think the POA is just naturally not very communicative or do you think he is making a deliberate decision not to inform you and your sister of your dad's care details?

If he's just not a good communicator (and you have the resources) you might find the assistance of a geriatric care manager helpful. If the power of attorney gives the proper permissions, a care manager can facilitate information flow. You might find that less frustrating than communicating with the POA to be kept informed- especially from a distance.
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If he is the POA he does not have to give you any information. His POA only comes into effect if Dad cannot speak for himself and not able to make informed decisions. So, if Dad is ok and be involved in his care, family can help Dad with what needs to be done. The POA has no responsibility at this point. If Dad is OK, he can ask you to be put on the HIPPA form to be able to receive info concerning him. Then u can call the nurses desk.

Drs don't ask for permission to give medication. They do what they feel is needed. Usually relying on what the nurses see.
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