My 88-year-old mother has been in a memory care facility since March. In August she developed what appeared to be a pressure sore on her bottom. They have not been able to get it under control and it continues to worsen. A nurse practitioner looked at it and said it could be a Kennedy Terminal Ulcer. Have any of you had an experience with this?

Currently they say the wound is not causing her pain due to the necrotic tissue deadening the nerves in the area. If we send her to the doctor and have it treated vigorously it will cause pain and she will then have to be quarantined which could further her depression. Any thoughts, suggestions?

I have no personal experience but it is my understanding that these happen when someone is very close to death and vital systems are breaking down, that doesn't sound like what you are describing. Ask for (insist on) a consult with a wound specialist nurse, the staff at the memory care seem to not know what they are doing.
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"A Kennedy ulcer, also known as a Kennedy terminal ulcer (KTU), is a dark sore that develops rapidly during the final stages of a person's life. Kennedy ulcers grow as skin breaks down as part of the dying process. Not everyone experiences these ulcers in their final days and hours, but they're not uncommon."

These have been discussed on the forum usually when someone is on Hospice. I agree, I would want someone versed in woundcare to see and treat her. Not a job for an unskilled nurse. Of course I am prejudice since my daughter does this for a living.
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