My 94-year-old Mom still lives alone in her home, where she raised her family. No way will she ever leave willingly. She was frustrated with dinner meal prep and I was concerned about her safety, so I researched some options. She is very fussy about her food, and taste and texture is very important for her. She is also a very healthy eater, who loves her veggies. I ended up finding this franchise and so far it has been a lifesaver. The program has a chef come to her home to cook custom meals for 2 weeks and then freeze them. Thawing and reheating has been a challenge, but we are trying to work that out. Anyone else finding a good solution to meal times for their aging parent?

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I had a cousin who happened to be an excellent cook and he was hired by a group of seniors to come and prepare meals for them. I don't know many people who do it or hire this type of service.

Does your mom have a microwave? I ordered Magickitchen frozen gourmet meals with no preservatives for my extremely fussy Italian-American aunts in FL. My 101-yr old aunt calls them up and orders herself using the catalog. They have meals catagorized in many different ways so it's easy to find what you want, especially online.
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I cooked for my mom when she lived with me.

Your idea sounds wonderful! Thanks for sharing it with the forum.
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