Has anyone else been a caregiver for someone with ADD and is there any help?


I tried to post a while ago, but it disappeared! I am convinced that my mother has ADD like some of her siblings. It is driving me crazy having to constantly look for her misplaced items, like medicine that ends up under the bed or glasses that end up stuffed into a tissue box. I have tried to label everything and I do have a place for everything, but end up spending an hour each morning looking everywhere. I think I may have ADD to a lesser degree myself and this is really stressing me out. Thanks.

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Oh yes, I know it well - and it smells too. There's hard candy all in the carpet - don't know how I will ever get it out. Underwear everywhere, and it gets washed all over again because she thinks it is dirty, because it was on the floor with the unwashed clothing...and tracking all this stuff down is MY job? I even put large print labels on everything - doesn't matter because she doesn't even read it. I just cannot keep the house straight, and what really ticks me off is people who NEVER came around or offered to help, and suddenly they are so curious and want any excuse to get in, and then they likely gossip all over the town. My cousin said to not be afraid to be rude to people who have no more sense than to barge in ..
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LivingSouth, I spent the day organizing my mother's bedroom and washing all the pajamas and socks on the floor -- 3 loads! It actually took me 6 hours to get the work done and I was exhausted. The room was like a bomb had gone off. When I was finished, she went back to her room and took some of the pajamas out of the drawer and lay them about. I don't know if it was out of spite or if she has a need for chaos about her. It is a battle to try to keep the house halfway decent now. I suspect that she is thinking, "This is MY house and I'm going to make a mess if I want to."

Tonight was a topper and a little embarrassing. She was standing in her bedroom peeing into a bucket. What??? I didn't say anything. She was only a few feet from the bathroom, but she peed in a bucket. I've given up trying to understand anything. Total disorganization.
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Her teeth came close to being washed because they had been wrapped up in her underwear. She put her disposable panties in the wash - what a mess! I have taken everything but the essentials out of her room, and she still puts unwrapped candy bars in her sock drawer! She has always had a very low frustration level ( to the point where often I felt like the adult when I was a kid) and the disorganization has gotten even worse. (And I used to be lectured when I was little about 'putting things back where you found them.')
I am going crazy... I went to an appointment the other day with my top on wrong side out, because I was busy running back and forth trying to find something for her.
I feel like I am enabling the behavior, but she can't eat without her teeth!

I would love to have one of those counselors on the hoarding shows, but they might run screaming out of the house!
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My mother is exactly like that. She puts things wherever she is. She throws garbage on the floor, puts her glasses where she is at the moment, puts dishes under her table, knocks important things off the table into the garbage, sticks chewed gum everywhere, loses where she put her new gum even when it is where it always is, etc. I feel like a finder all the time. She has always been disorganized and messy. Coupling it with dementia makes it even worse. She gives me ADD being around her. I think it's because there is one little thing after another. It makes me feel scattered.
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