My wife is a stroke survivor, she is bedridden, brain damaged, has aphasia and dysphasia. She is on a feeding tube and frequently has vasovagal syncope episodes (2 in the last week). She suffered from them long before the stroke 5 years ago. Someone is with her or watching her from the next room at all times. The Problem is that when she has a VS episode she always vomits right after she regains consciousness, since she is at high risk for aspiration (due to dysphagia) someone needs to quickly turn her and get the suction pump working. I sleep in a bed next to her's and so far I have awakened as soon as the VS starts. We have been lucky. I cannot rely on her to call out when it starts (sometimes she does but more often not), usually I wake to the vomiting sounds. When she syncopes her blood pressure drops to nearly nothing then starts back up and will be normal in a few minutes.

Does anyone know of a full time, alarming, blood pressure sensor so that I could be alerted before she starts vomiting?


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Is there a reason that she does not have a pacemaker?
To reduce risk of aspiration, she needs the head of the bed elevated. During the night, try to keep her on her side. If she does vomit, she will be able to expell fliud better but this is not perfect.

The only continuous monitor that may be reasonable is a pulse oxymeter with alarm but saturation are delayed. Blood pressure monitors are all intermittent. The only exception is one that workes via indwelling catheter in ICUs.
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No, sorry, have never heard of one but that doesn't mean there isn't one. Call a store that does nothing but sells durable equipment. They maybe able to help. They have catalogs.
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