Mom has chronic fibromyalgia, Chronic arthritis, osteoporosis in knees with no kneecaps at all. She has a hard time breathing because all her body parts on her left side are located under her left shoulder. This includes her Left Lung, Left Diaphragm (Paralyzed), Pancreas, Stomach, and Colan. All of these are blocked by this hernia and pushing on her heart and her good lung also. Vanderbilt doctors had a meeting on this and decided if they did surgery she would either die or be in a lots more pain than she is now. The doctors also quoted she is the only one in the world that like this. They stated babies are born this way but they die at birth.

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Fjallen10, a vast majority of grown children do not get paid for caregiving their parent.... unless the parent can pay you from their retirement fund. If your Mom can do that, it is best to draw up an employment agreement stating what are your duties, the hours per week, and the hourly pay. Also, decide who will be paying the payroll taxes so that money can be placed in your social security and Medicare fund.

Another option is for your Mom to see if she could qualify for Medicaid [which is different from Medicare]. Payment for care varies from State to State. If approved don't be surprised if the payment is minimum wage for a few hours per week. Please note, Medicaid is taxpayer funded.
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