I heard that I could get paid for caring for my 84 year old uncle, is that true?

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Your profile says you work for UPS. Why would you give up that job? It probably pays more than your uncle or any state program will pay you and includes benefits you will lose. Why sacrifice your livelihood? It sounds like you wanting someone other than your uncle to pay you? You wouldn’t be paid but minimum wage and it likely wouldn’t be for full time caregiving. You wouldn’t be contributing to a pension, you wouldn’t have health insurance or paid time need to think long and hard about this....
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freqflyer Jan 2020
I agree with worriedinCali, about your employment your job. I forgot to read your profile thus didn't know you were employed.

Being your Uncle has Alzheimer's/Dementia and other health issues, what you will be doing will become a 168 hour week job. You will be doing the work of 3 full-time caregivers daily. Talk about major burn out. And some times that burn out can ruin your health to a point where you may not be able to return to employment.

Honestly, if your Uncle can afford it, or use Medicaid to pay, he really needs a village to help him such as Assisted Living/Memory Care or a Nursing Home. As one gets less mobile, it can take 2 people to lift them from bed to a wheelchair. It would be better for him to move into senior living while he can still learn his way around, and meet people of his own generation.
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Ask your uncle if he will pay you to be his caregiver.
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nikki, the vast majority of family caregivers do not get paid.... unless the one they care caring can pay from their own pocket. Would your Uncle be able to do that? If yes, then you would need to draw up an "employment agreement" showing what are your duties, hours, hourly pay, and who will be paying the payroll taxes.

Also, if your Uncle hires you, he would need to check with his homeowner's insurance policy as he will need to get "workman comp" insurance.

Another idea is to call your State Medicaid office to see if your Uncle can apply. If he is accepted, all States have programs where a family caregiver can be paid. But don't be surprised if the pay is minimum wage for a few hours each week. Please note that Medicaid [which is different than Medicare] is funded by the taxpayers.

If your Uncle was in the military, he can check and see if the VA has programs for paying family caregivers.

Let us know later if you were able to get paid.

Oh as for starting with caregiving, you just go and be a caregiver. I would suggest if there is a local community college, to take some classes related to caregiving to help prepare you.
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