Is anyone using Pillpack? I'm considering for my elderly parents medications. The costs so far are cheaper than their usual pharmacy and it will save my having to distribute their medications into their pill boxes every two weeks.

We use Exactcare (877-335-7225) and have been very well satisfied with their customer service. Ima,ways get calls when refills are needed and the pills always arrive well ahead of time. We used to use PillPack and I had to use scissors to open the packets. My husband has one packet for the morning and one for the evening. They are in a box dispenser and one packet comes out at a time. These packets are much easier to open. It’s a nice convenience.
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If your parents have GOOD eyesight and are cognitive able to understand how the Pillpack works and use it properly, then it might be a good solution.  If your parents have POOR eyesight (the working on the packets appear rather thin and not easy to read) (Added: or if your parents have arthritis and have difficulty opening the packets), then the Pillpack might not be a good solution.  If your parents' health are unstable and they have to have their medications or dosages changed every month or so, then the Pillpack would not work as well.  It could become confusing if there are "too many" packets of medication and your parents cannot understand why there are so many packets with different medications in them. 

You will still need to supervise your parents and make sure that they are taking their medication and not just throwing away full packets.  Someone on this website mentioned that their parents just threw away full packets if they missed a dose or didn't feel like taking the medication that day because the parents didn't want their children getting upset and yelling at them for not taking their medications.  

Many hospitals and nursing home use some version of prepackaging of medications now.  It is safer and easier and ensures that medications are taken as prescribed than when we had large bottles of medication on the medication carts.  Hope this helps.
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