Hello- my mom went on Namenda about a month ago (the 3rd med we’ve tried). I feel like the meds rob her of all personality. Anyone else?



My moms been on Namenda time release about 6 weeks now. I think it may be helping level out some really agitated then sleeping patterns she was exhibiting. It doesn't seem to have affected her personality. I was told this morning she lead the dining room table in a round of “My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean”. She’s still pretty funny so personality wise I’d say she’s the same.
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Pepsee, that's so interesting that you had that experience with Seroquel. For one of my good friends, that drug was quite literally a life saver when she went into a sudden and unremitting depression that no other treatment was touching.
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DanielJ Jul 23, 2018
She’s also on an anti depressant cholesterol medication, thyroid medication and vitamins (all low doses)....
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I would not think that Namenda would do that. What other meds is he on?
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My hubby is on Namenda and we haven't noticed any personality changes at all with it. I'm sure that it varies with the individual though, like most meds do.
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Ho Daniel.
I went through that with seroquil. Plus it made me eat like I was going to the electric chair. I hated it with a passion. Dr finally removed it.

Good luck Dave!
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