My 91 year old father is currently in a nursing home. He first went in for a fall to do rehab and then he suffered a stroke (thankfully it’s not too bad). He therefore went into another NH. My sister goes to see him daily. He is 2 hours from me. I currently have my mom living with me. She was recovering from heart valve surgery. We also have a problem with where they were living. They are in a 6 story building where the elevator is currently shut down to be remodeled. They lived in the 6th floor.

My dad is miserable and wants out. My sister and I would rather him be in his own apartment with his own surroundings. We know it’s not safe for him being on the top floor if an ambulance had to be called but I feel like he is dying a slow death being in NH.

Does anyone know of any agencies out there that provide 24 hour care?

He does not have Medicaid yet so it will be out of pocket.

I appreciate any info.

Thank You

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These are prices I got this week from the agency I’m using for my Mom. This is upstate NY. I don’t know how having 2 to care for would affect the price.

RN 80 per visit
LPN 55 per visit 
Home health aid, 28 per hour, 3 hour min
Personal Care aid 25 per hour, 3 hr min
Companion/ homemaker 22 per hr, 3 hr min

Daily based on 24 hour shifts:
HHA 645/day
PCA 575/ day
companion /homemaker 485/day
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Any agency will provide 24 hour care. And for two people, is very expensive. $20.00 - $35.00 an hour in my area. If you are anticipating Medicaid I would think a cost of $480.00 a day would be cost prohibitive.
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