Any recommendations for a sick room odor eliminator?

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Poop odor makes me nauseous.

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Listerine in the bedside commode after every cleaning was a lifesaver for me. I read that tip here!

Also Febreeze spray seems to work the best for the room. If there is a window/door try to open it occasionally without compromising your patients well being.......even 30 sec helps.

As far as the actual poop & cleaning I don't think there is anything to eliminate the gag effect completely. I bought some Vicks to apply to my nose but never really had the time to apply & then wash off.
It may get easier over time....I try to think of how many times my loving mother changed my diapers...........and the sacrifices she made for me over her lifetime...
Try using an enzyme-based cleaner when cleaning up. The enzymes basically bind with the biological matter (proteins, fats, bacteria) that cause odors, down to the tiny molecules you can't see with your eye. Plus they are a lot safer than harsh chemical cleaners - they're non-toxic and biodegradable.

We use enzyme cleaners where I work, after tenants have moved out, to take care of odors caused by pets and children - you can use it in the laundry and for cleaning surfaces, objects, upholstery, carpets, etc. We've even used it down the air vents. I've also used enzyme cleaner to get the smell out of my car after my mom vomited in it a couple of times.  We use the one under Home Depot's Zep label, and I believe Walmart also carries one under its in-house label.

I also gag when dealing with mom's poop or vomit. I don't have much of an answer for that but I've been meaning to try Vick's Vaporub under my nose myself. They say that's what they do in autopsy rooms!
Are there any brands you recommend Dorianne, ones that are available at the local store?
cwillie - I just edited my reply to include those. You must have been reading my mind, or vice versa!
Also here's a list of recommended enzyme can probably find them at the local pet store if not at the grocery store.
Oh also....I don't think the Home Depot cleaner is necessarily better (or worse) than anyone else's enzyme cleaner. We just use it because it comes in big jugs, and we have a lot of tenants!! Lol.
Nature’s Miracle is a cleaner for pet accidents. It’s good for removing stains and odors. It advertises leaving behind a “fresh” orange scent but I’ve never really noticed it - just that the pet smell is gone.

There is also oil defusers. I have one that also functions as a humidifier. An advantage of going this route is that there are a ton of therapeutic oils out there that can assist in helping to sleep and relax or oils that are designed to help boost energy etc.

Honestly, I’m not wholly convinced of the therapeutic benefits attributed to these oils but they so smell good. Oils with grapefruit or eucalyptus are especially good at freshening the air.

For big poop, shoot some shaving cream! Eliminates odor and makes clean up better too.
I use Fabreeze too...lots of it. I use gold canyon candles... They work well. I also bag each used brief in a scented diaper bag.
Febreeze as shown in the commercials
If you're there before the poop, PooPourri works like magic!!! No poop smell to cover up with room fresheners.

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