Any help out there for my dad if he refuses help and his life could be in danger?


I was notified by his wife he is ill and refuses help! We are guessing since we are not drs that he has swollen glands.. his left side of the face is very swollen and now moving to the right! He can't talk right more of a mumbling! Wife says he stops breathing at night! I'm very afraid if he don't get help it will swell more and he won't be able to breathe! Any suggestions on help here? Thanks!

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Gladimhere I am actually closer to the hospital than they are! I plan to go see him again in the next couple of days if he's getting worse something has to be done! Thanks!!
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Concerned2017, one time my sig other didn't want to go to the ER after he fell down the stairs and kept passing out [sleep walking from Ambian], so the EMT took a quick EKG for the heart.... then the EMT said he didn't like what he was seeing on the EKG tape so to play it safe let's go to the ER. My sig other went out to the ambulance pretty quick after hearing that.

Actually it was a therapeutic fib to get my sig other to go to the ER, quick thinking on the part of the EMT :)
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My stepdad wanted to stop me from calling an ambulance for my mom once. He said she would be better in the morning. She did not have face swelling, but was very weak and speech was garbled. She couldn't walk and actually collapsed on the floor. Sorry, stepdad I am calling, I think she may have had a stroke.

The ride to ER was uneventful, she was taken to the stroke center at the hospital because EMT's also thought she had a stroke. As it turned out it wasn't. This was how my mom's symptoms of a UTI exhibited.

If dad's face is swelling it may very well be allergies or something else. You are right face swelling is dangerous, call 911 yourself if step mom will not. Dad, if competent, can still refuse to go. Are you close enough to go over there or meet them at the hospital?
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Your dad's wife should call an ambulance and let your dad turn them away if he still wants to when they're actually on the scene.
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